19.03.2018- What I Wore Today #329

Monday, 19 March 2018

Never mind the Ides of March, once again it's the snow and ice we've all got to watch out for! I had a funny feeling that we'd not quite seen the last of winter, and this weekend it came back with a bite- even harder to bear when the weather had been so lovely and spring-like! Lulled into a false sense of security as I was, on Saturday I found myself rummaging around in the recesses of my wardrobe to (however reluctantly!) dig out some cold weather appropriate attire: 

Coat- Vintage
Jumper- Red Herring at Debenhams
Jeans- & Other Stories
Hat- Accessorize
Scarf- Accessorize
Shoes- Gap
Bag- & Other Stories

Try as I might to convince myself that it's spring (even this backdrop didn't quite defeat the snowflakes), it seems that, for now at least, Mother Nature has got other ideas! Wrapping up in layer after layer, I tried to keep things a little bit lighter with this floral motif knit from Debenhams, tucked away under a vintage coat which is wonderfully warm. I've been shunning jeans quite a bit of late, but reached for this & Other Stories pair in a bit of a rush as I know they're really easy to style when the weather isn't playing ball. Topping things off, this hat and scarf combination from Accessorize- both of which have been emergency purchases at various stages during the winter, but investments which have earned their keep nevertheless!

How have you been keeping warm?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)

16.03.2018- On the Menu: 40 Maltby Street

Friday, 16 March 2018

I don’t know about you, but by the time the weekend arrives, there are few things I enjoy more than spending Saturday scouting out new foodie favourites. Gone are the mornings of trekking to Oxford Street (these days I can think of nothing worse!), supplanted instead with leisurely wanders and perusing the menus of some new dining discoveries. Last Saturday, before heading to the theatre, Hannah and I made a pit-stop at 40 Maltby Street to sample their small but perfectly balanced selection of dishes: 

With a tiny menu served out of an equally tiny kitchen, 40 Maltby Street is a wonderful option for a leisurely weekend lunch, but somewhere it’s worth arriving at early to avoid the queues which build up as the neighbouring market gets busy. We selected a handful of dishes to share between us- celeriac croquettes which were wonderfully flavoursome, and pork rilettes served with fresh bread baked by St.John- one of the most moreish dishes I think I’ve ever tasted! We also sampled some fresh fish in the shape of monkfish fritters served with seaweed, and oat crusted mackerel- both of which were delicious. With a perfectly relaxed atmosphere and a regularly rotating selection of dishes, 40 Maltby Street is definitely a new favourite, and one which I’m sure I’ll be heading back to soon. 

Have you visited any new restaurants recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)

14.03.2016- What I Wore Today #328

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Now that it feels like spring is in the air at long last, I’m eagerly anticipating packing away my winter coats for another year, and rediscovering some fair-weather wardrobe favourites too. For now, however, we’re trapped in that tricky transitional limbo where it seems to be gloriously sunny one day, and tipping down with rain the next, making it almost impossible to plan what to deck yourself out in in advance. It’s at times like this that I’m always grateful for those wonderfully versatile style staples which lend themselves so well to switching up for all occasions:
Jacket- Zara 
Jumper- Whistles 
Trousers- Espirit (via ASOS) 
Shoes- Nike 
Bag- Oliver Bonas 

The first trip out of the house of the year sans coat always feels a little bit preemptive, but in an attempt to will spring on just that little bit faster, last weekend I threw caution to the wind and plumped for this check jacket from Zara. Slightly oversized, it’s perfect for layering-here I popped it over a recent purchase in the shape of this Whistles ‘Le Weekend’ knit- a new staple which I’ve worn almost every Saturday since I bought it towards the end of January. Finally, this bag from Oliver Bonas, offering a much welcome burst of colour! 

Have you picked up any new fashion favourites recently? 

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)
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